Cornerstone specialise in all foundation repairs,  our team of professionals works hard to check all buildings requirements to prolong  the life and endurance of your house to last a life time.

Foundation Repairs

Homes built on a concrete or slab foundation are prone to failure due to the foundation dropping causing damage to the actual property. Through restoration works we are able to return the condition of the foundation to its original state.
Foundations may become damaged due to movement, vibrations, moisture, trees and age of the property.

The process

Common indicators that may mean that foundation repairs are required include:

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  • Doors and windows being unable to close properly
  • Formation of cracks in plaster and brickwork.
  • Stumps that have deteriorated
  • Sloping floors
  • Older home- typically over 25 years since it was constructed

We will begin by establishing the root cause of the damage that has occurred to the foundation. Once established, our team of experts can begin undertaking restoration works.

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