“Restumping is what we excel in, no matter what your requirements are, we will make sure we accommodate to all your needs.


Restumping, also referred to as re-blocking, is the process of replacing existing stumps that form part of the structural support system of a structure or dwelling. Stump or Block supports can be found underneath the structure supporting walls and or floors of brick veneer, timber weatherboard and solid brick houses/buildings.

Contact us whether you require Restumping or are not quite sure. Either way, we are happy to assist.

The Processes

This process may be required to be undertaken if the following signs become apparent:

  • Misaligned window and door frames
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  • Uneven flooring
  • Rotting/damaged foundations
  • Formation of cracks in plaster, as well as in brickwork

If Restumping or Reblocking is what you need, please give us a call!