Underpinning is what we excel in, no matter what you are requirement, we will make sure to accommodate all your needs.


Underpinning involves strengthening the existing footings of a house, building or structure without necessarily replacing the existing stumps. This service might be appropriate if the existing foundation is not stable, or the use of the structure has changed in some way and requires a stronger footing system. (swimming pool/cellar construction or second story extension are common changes that require underpinning).

  • Misaligned window and door frames
  • Uneven flooring
  • Rotting/damaged foundations
  • Formation of cracks in plaster, as well as in brickwork

Contact us whether you require Restumping or are not quite sure. Either way, we are happy to assist.

What is included

Signs that indicate that underpinning may be required are:

  • Formation of cracks in plaster as well as in brickwork
  • Uneven flooring
  • Gaps near windows / doors
  • Trouble closing/locking doors and windows
  • Gap in roofline

if underpinning is what you need, please give us a call?